What Others Say

"Diane, you are a gardening wizard!  I can't thank you enough for your help."  Kay Pieringer

"When I started my native plant nursery, I focused all my energy on it, and my own property got minimal attention. By this spring, it was overwhelming to even think about tackling it on my own. I didn’t know who to contact that could take it on.  It had become wilderness. The paths needed to be cleared, the blackberries removed, trees and shrub trimmed or cut down, and more.  I found Diane and had her come take a look. She was not intimidated by the project, knew exactly what to do, and went right to work – first on the blackberries, which she dug out by the roots, then on the paths. Over several weeks, she opened the garden back up, weeded the horsetail and ranunculus which had taken over, then laid down cardboard and covered it with mulch so that the weeds would not return any time soon.  She also lined up helpers to keep the costs down for me.  I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants a gardening job done well, at a reasonable fee. She is easy to work with, reliable, versatile, knowledgeable, and fast.   Please contact me if you have questions." Pat Parks,  206-713-3914

"You have done a wonderful job!"   Jill Janow

I helped Jill convert her half-acre lawn over to mini-clover eco-turf

Diane is very efficient with her time. She knows exactly what is needed in an overgrown and weedy yard. My hill is mostly hard, dry clay and she was able to conquer an eye sore. She weeded and also left the nice plants healthier. She accomplished in two hours what I would have plucked away at all month. I also appreciate that she takes a non toxic approach. She gave me knowledgeable recommendations for planting.


I enjoyed having Diane at my home.


Mary M. Robinson

"Thank you Diane! Things look great, we very much appreciate your help." Client on North end Vashon

" I am happy to recommend Diane Emerson as a person who can help you formulate ideas about making your own garden the unique place you dream about.  She has a great love of the natural world and has spent much of her life learning how to live lightly on the landscape; she can help you realize your plans in the most environmentally-aware way. She is a hard worker on her own but also knows when she needs helpers.  She encouraged me to make a sweet little native-woodland path in an area of my yard that's been long neglected; I've been very happy with her approach and her ability to help me appreciate what is possible here." Susie Fitzhugh